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In Defense of the Unborn

The American TFP, In Defense of the Unborn, March for Life 2006

The American TFP has been a champion of the pro-life cause since the dreadful Roe v. Wade decision legalized the slaughter of America’s most vulnerable. Here, we outline some of the pro-life activities that we have been engaged in throughout the years.


As hundreds of thousands of Pro-Life activists assembled in Washington DC to peacefully protest 42 years of legalized abortion, one wonders about the contradiction, even outright hypocrisy, from some of our...

Swarms of energetic pro-life advocates trooped to San Francisco’s Civic Center right across the City Hall on January 25, 2014 to mark the Tenth annual Walk for Life...

On April 29th, TFP Student Action drove to Philadelphia to the scene of the Kermit Gosnell trial, the infamous abortionist who murdered the born and unborn alike...

Pro-Life Letters to the EditorThese letters to the editor make it easy to defend innocent life.  After you pick your letter, find your local newspaper online.  Then submit your letter in the appropriate "opinion / letters to the editor" section.


TFP Marches with Record Crowd at West Coast Walk for LifePast midday, an hour long rally on the grounds in front of City Hall preceded the momentous march which attracted a throng of 50,000 spirited people. An array of speakers made up of pro-life leaders and activists, abortion victims and survivors, as well as distinguished clerics graced the occasion…

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