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Da Vinci Code

Times have not been good for electronic media giant Sony. The New York Times recently carried a short article that reported the company has lost 37 percent of its market value over the last six years. It has been hit by one disaster after another.

Helpful answers to hard questions: the answers to 10 frequently asked questions about the Da Vince Code protests.

Catholics in Rochester did not want to wait until the May 19 opening to protest The DaVinci Code movie. The local theater was already advertising the film and so they decided to lead the way by becoming the first of the over 1,000 planned theater protests.


Discussing the Clash of Faith and Secular Culture in LouisianaFriends and supporters from all over Louisiana gathered for a one-day seminar not only to study the secular attack on the Faith but to plan future action.


“Jesus Christ the Son of God, when called to identify the fallen angel, Satan, gave him the name “father of lies.” In the two millennia during which mankind has been given the grace to live under the influence of the Christian Gospel, many times the family of Faith has been attacked by disciples of the “father of lies.” Sometimes they do it for malice, sometimes for gain, but never have these assaults achieved lasting weight. And so it will be with The Da Vinci Code. It is a fabrication of the worst sort – a tapestry of lies woven from twisted truths, with enough reality thrown in to form a curious picture, but a picture distorted and fantastic. And in a short while, it will fall apart and vanish from history.

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