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NO! to the Blasphemous “Jesus” Doll!

A small but dedicated group of assembled at the King of Prussia Mal

Outraged Catholics braved low temperatures and fierce winds as they lined Mall Street on March 21at the main entrance to the King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania to protest a blasphemous “dress-up Jesus” doll sold by Urban Outfitters. Since the protest, the retailer has reportedly discontinued the sales of this offensive item.


According to NBC10 news, the item looks like a children’s dress-up game but is really a magnetic Jesus dress-up figure on the Cross which gives the buyer the possibility of deforming Christ with interchangeable outfits such as a devil costume, a skull T-shirt and a hula skirt.


The thousands who drove to the Mall on Sunday afternoon saw protestors holding colorful signs and banners, asking them to boycott Urban Outfitters. One sign said: “Urban Outfitters blasphemes Christ. Don’t patronize.”


Another set of signs read, “Honk for Jesus, Stay Silent for Barrabas.”


“I thought these signs were a good idea,” said Anne Drake, one of the protesters. “They make people think and decide for or against Christ as they go to the Mall.”


While many honked, others were indifferent, and some were antagonistic. When driving by, one lady yelled, “Get a life.” A protestor answered, “We’re after eternal life, that’s why we’re here.”


The winds were swift but the protest waged on.

“We really rattled some people’s cages today,” said Mrs. Bruce McAndrews who joined the protest from Allentown, Penn. “I had a great time.”


The protest’s impact was immediately felt. Although the protest was peaceful and prayerful, mall security guards never left the protesters in peace. From time to time, they would warn protesters not to step on Mall property or even to use the Mall’s parking lot.


“They’re treating us like a bunch of criminals,” John Ritchie of TFP Student Action said. “Why do they need to have two security jeeps to watch us? Urban Outfitters must be upset with the negative publicity.”


Security guards in jeeps surrounded Maria Becker and her three young children, telling her not to park at the Mall. As she walked away, she saw them laughing at the protestors. She went back to the jeeps and asked, “Are you laughing at them?” Caught in the act, the astonished guards did not respond. “You should be ashamed of yourselves. It takes courage to do what those people are doing. They believe in something and you should respect them!”


“They’re treating us like a bunch of criminals,” John Ritchie said (second from right). “Why do they need to have two security jeeps to watch us? Urban Outfitters must be upset with the negative publicity.”

Urban Outfitters and the King of Prussia Mall got the message. Even non-Catholics were upset. One man said: “I’m Jewish and I’m very offended by this.”


Everyone got the message that the “dress-up Jesus” doll was not a “game” but a blasphemous insult to Our Lord. To attack Christ on the cross could not be more cruel or cowardly. Catholics voiced their outrage and protested, and made a beautiful act of public reparation. God’s honor was upheld by some.


Hopefully, next time hundreds or even thousands will answer the call to say NO! to blasphemy. If Catholics do not profess their faith in public, nothing will stop the promoters of blasphemies from insulting Jesus and Mary.

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