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Open House and Open Hearts for the Christ ChildOn the afternoon of December 16, 2012, supporters and friends of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) arrived for the annual Christmas Celebration and Open House at the...

War Hero Honored as U.S. Marine Corps Turns 237On the eve of the Marine Corps’ 237th birthday, November 9, TFP members, supporters and friends gathered to celebrate the outstanding service and sacrifice of its military heroes. The event was graced by the distinguished presence of decorated war hero and Navy Cross recipient, Col. Gordon Batcheller, USMC (Ret.)

TFP National Conference 2012: Confidence in Our Lady Amidst the StormThe last weekend of October was supposed to be another routine National Conference for the American TFP, similar to the many conferences hosted in years past. However, several factors coincided to make this year’s conference an event far from the ordinary.

This Camp Calls Boys to Practice ChivalryThe eleven-day TFP Call to Chivalry Summer Course was not your average summer camp. The camp invited over forty young men to take up the banner of purity and self-discipline through the examples of the saints and heroes of Poland and Lithuania.

A talk about the Siege of Vienna demonstrated how King Jan Sobieski and his courageous winged-hussar knights, although outnumbered, found fortitude in their Catholic faith and…

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