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Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas TogetherNearly 300 attended the annual Christmas Open House held at the national headquarters of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania on December 18.

Excommunicated Priest Leads Occupy Fort Benning ProtestFor the fifth year TFP Student Action volunteers went to Fort Benning, Georgia. The purpose of the trip was twofold: To rally support for our troops and oppose the leftist SOA Watch protest called “Occupy Fort Benning.”

TFP National Conference 2011 “A Smile of Our Lady Upon Us All” It was supposed to be a “normal” TFP National Conference with a roster of speakers and other events packed into the last weekend of October. However, it was anything but a “normal”...

A Call to Chivalry in the Emerald IsleThe Emerald Isle’s fifth Call to Chivalry camp for fathers and sons was held once again on the beautiful Cistercian grounds of Mount Saint Joseph’s Abbey in Roscrea, County Tipperary. Organized annually by the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, this year’s theme centered on the British Isles with beautiful examples of courage and sacrifice...

True Role Models and Real AdventureWho should young Catholic men look up to as role models? Rock stars? Football players? Actors? At the annual Louisiana Call to Chivalry camp, boys are presented with true Catholic role models to admire and imitate. Each camp has its own theme and this year’s centered on historical figures of the British Isles.

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