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A Christmas Open House Awaiting the Christ Child
Over 100 local supporters and friends seeking a traditional Christmas atmosphere in anticipation of the coming of the Christ Child attended the 17th annual Christmas Open House.

A Trip to Thank Our Heroes
Thirteen TFP volunteers traveled fourteen hours from Pennsylvania to Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, to show their support and gratitude to our brave troops.

Call to Chivalry Weekend:  Catholic Boys Rediscover Medieval Treasures The TFP hosted another Call to Chivalry weekend for boys: Rediscovering Medieval Treasures.  The weekend started on Friday, Nov. 13 with a father/son pizza dinner followed by a rosary. Afterwards, the participants watched as evolution was refuted in front of their eyes, with the viewing of the DVD series: Animals that Defy Evolution.

A Call to Gratitude: Who Will Thank Our Heroes?
The soldier took upon himself the thankless task of confronting evil by force of arms. It was the soldier that risked all to do his duty wherever he was called to go without hesitation or complaint.

Contesting Belmont Abbey College’s Right to be Catholic
When in 2007, Belmont Abbey College discovered abortion, contraception and voluntary sterilization were accidentally included in its medical insurance...

Launching An American Knight in Washington

On October 27, the TFP Washington Bureau was filled with friends and supporters to hear a presentation on the book, An American Knight The Life of Colonel John W.
Ripley, USMC just authored by TFP member Norman Fulkerson.

According to press reports, homosexual groups in Spain published a calendar that has horrific blasphemies against Our Lady.

Tempests and Confidence at the 2009 National ConferenceA TFP National Conference is always an exciting event but this year’s gathering had a touch of the dramatic. On the opening day, the pleasant autumn weather took a turn for the worse when a storm swept over the area. The outdoor tent where the talks were delivered was buffeted by wind and rain. It was still raining less than an hour from the scheduled Saturday evening candlelight rosary procession. However as the time approached, the rain stopped and the procession went as planned.

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