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On December 17, around 300 local supporters, friends and neighbors of the American TFP met at the group’s national headquarters in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania for its annual Christmas Open House.

At the same time TFP Member Norman Fulkerson was speaking on St. Thérèse in Kansas, the TFP Washington Bureau Chief was lecturing in Miami on the precarious situation in South America.

Talking About History in Topeka“History, Tradition and Education” was the theme of the Eleventh Foundations of Education Symposium held at Washburn University.

In complex times, it is good to go back to simple basics. There is a need to review fundamental principles, methods of action and tactics. It is good to gather together scattered friends across the country to take stock and make future plans.

Everyone likes to hear about big events. However, few measure the full importance of the small ones. Little by little, brick by brick, one builds the foundations and walls of a building. So also an organization builds its networks and makes its impact over public opinion.

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