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TFP friends and supporters in Topeka, Kans. attended a presentation on the book, I Have Weathered Other Storms.

Just War and the Pacifist Offensive on SovereigntyThe nation’s attention is rightly focused on the war in Iraq, where American and allied armed forces are bravely engaged in battle. At the same time, however, America is locked in a second war, one that is equally important for victory: the psychological battle for public opinion.

On March 20, The American TFP sent a letter to President George W. Bush, pledging its support for his decision to send US troops into combat against the Saddam Hussein Regime.

We are no longer talking about authentic medical progress where nature is observed, understood and perfected. Backed by a biotech industry that has already patented and redesigned some animal species, this is a new frontier that could seek to change the very nature and form of human life itself.

Few are those with the courage to challenge prevailing opinions and beliefs. Fewer still are such challenges which pass the test of time. Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira's masterful book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution is one such work.

To counter the sad neglect for Our Lord’s Passion, America Needs Fatima has launched a bold new outreach program to spread free CD recordings and books of The Way of the Cross to tens of thousands of families.

TFP Book Welcomed in St. LouisOn Sunday, February 9, the American TFP vibrant supporter network in St. Louis held a local launching for the hard-hitting book, I Have Weathered Other Storms: A Response to the Scandals and Democratic Reforms that Threaten the Catholic Church.

Free e-Book version Our Lady of Good Success, story of a Spanish mystic in Quito
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