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Over the last fifty years, a plethora of liturgical traditions and ceremonial have undeniably been lost. Today, many Catholics experience a growing hunger for the mystery and beauty that they never knew.

Crime Control not Gun Control in Brazil“Crime control” not “gun control” was the message of the National Rifle Association’s Charles Cunningham, who spoke to a standing room only audience in São Paulo Brazil on August 14.

Our summer camps are gaining a reputation for being formative, entertaining and exciting. This year·s camp held from August 4-13 at the headquarters of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property in Spring Grove, Penn. certainly surpassed expectations.

The American TFP endorses the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) as part of a broader strategy against the homosexual agenda. Like other pro-family organizations, the TFP is well aware of amendment's limitations but sees a tactical advantage to endorsing the FMA.

Setting, timely topics, qualified faculty and eager students were the right ingredients to supply not only an intellectual challenge but all the elements for confirming a new counter-revolutionary tradition at the Third TFP Summer University Course.

From July 16-25, the famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue made an unexpected but blessed visit to the national headquarters of the American TFP and the site of its America Needs Fatima campaign, in Spring Grove, Penn.

The TFP’s 2nd Annual Call to Chivalry Summer Camp for boys in Louisiana really was quite different. The focus was not on computers or basketball like other camps but on Catholic heroism.

Not content with with the public outrage she caused in 2001, Alma Lopez seems destined to test fate once again. Her blasphemous computer collage "Our Lady" is appearing once again.

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