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When members of Tradition Family Property Student Action peacefully and legally exercised their freedom of speech on the public sidewalk outside the Marvin Center of George Washington University, the true colors of the "tolerance" of the homosexual movement shone forth.

On Monday, October 27, nine members of TFP Student Action visited George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, to distribute a flyer rejecting the recent Supreme Court decision Lawrence vs. Texas, which in one swipe overturned all state laws prohibiting the sin of sodomy.

Bishop Juan Rodolpho Laise's talk, “A Capuchin Bishop Reflects on the Crisis in the Church” set the tone for an evening of conversation and thought at the American TFP Washington Bureau October 15.

TFP Conference Unites Catholics in CrusadeWas it the meetings, the lively conversations or the making of new friends? Was it the bishop’s sermon, the prince’s convocation or the hero’s testimony? Was it the rosary procession or the final High Mass? It is hard to decide which parts of the weekend were best since it takes a little time to sort out the impressions.

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