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American TFP spokesman Preston Noell claimed clarification is needed on an interdisciplinary course on homosexuality to be offered at Villanova University near Philadelphia. In a statement to The Villanova Times, Mr. Noell noted "the academic niceties" of a course description on homosexuality at the Catholic university does little to allay his fears that "the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church will not be persuasively presented and defended when the course is given." The class was later cancelled.

As Christmas approaches, director Robert Ritchie commented on the TFP's Disney boycott and called for redoubled efforts to keep up the pressure. Hundreds of thousands of instant impact flyers have already been distributed in English and Spanish.

Our Lady of Good Success Quito EcuadorA delegation of nine full-time volunteers of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) embarked on a pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador. The object of the October 27 visit was to venerate the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success and offer prayers for the Church, the American nation and the TFP movement.

On September 20, Professor Everista de Miranda delivered a talk sponsored by The American TFP at the National Press Club, Washington DC, to dispel the eco-myths about the Amazon Rainforest. A Doctor of Ecology, Prof. Miranda now teaches ecology at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is also head of the Planning Committee at the Embrapa Satellite Monitoring System.

The TFP's Summer Programs have always been popular events. Boys from across the country eagerly look forward to them each and every year.

American TFP Launches 21st Century Rosary CampaignThe American TFP launched its 21st Century Rosary Campaign aimed at offering hundreds of thousands of free rosaries. As part of its America Needs Fatima Campaign, the TFP sees Our Lady’s help as absolutely necessary for the conversion of America.

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