Tell Vimeo to stop persecuting Christian values: Reinstate Dr. Foster’s 850 videos that help stop sin April 18th, 2017

No free speech on Vimeo if you try to help homosexuals from sinning!

Recently, Vimeo, an online video-hosting site similar to YouTube, removed 850 videos from a channel owned Dr. David Kyle Foster. Foster was a former homosexual who seeks to aid those struggling with same-sex attraction or the sin of homosexuality. 

Vimeo’s censorship is consistent with the intolerance of many in the homosexual movement.

“Everyone” is tolerated and has free speech—unless they say sodomy is a sin!

In addition to helping people overcome homosexuality, Pure Passion Ministries also helps “sexual abuse victims, people who have been sex trafficked, those who are addicted or in any other condition that causes them distress.”

Tell Vimeo to Apologize and Reinstate Dr. Foster’s videos

What was the excuse Vimeo gave?

Foster’s videos went against Vimeo’s guidelines of: “demeaning attitude toward specific groups: Videos that promote Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).”

“Referring to homosexuality as a ‘dysfunction of sexual brokenness’ or ‘sexual distortion’ is not OK” 

If you’re like me, hearing that people like Dr. Foster exist is good news.

Vimeo’s guidelines target those who want to help souls that struggle with homosexuality.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing—unless you promote sin.

Those who struggle with same-sex attraction need all the help they can get, and Dr. David Kyle Foster is helping them fight sin. 

Support Dr. Foster’s fight to help people suffering from same-sex attraction.

Tell Vimeo that their actions are unacceptable and that Dr. Foster’s channel and videos should be restored immediately.


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