Tell TNT to Stop Bashing Catholic Priests With the Series, Major Crimes November 28th, 2017

TNT thinks it's open season against the Priesthood

Catholic priests don’t get the respect that they deserve. Constantly the media portrays the priesthood as a coven of predators lying in wait of innocent children to molest.

Rather than respect the priestly office—men who are consecrated to God— they slander and ridicule priests across the board.

TNT’s Major Crimes series does exactly that: insult priests and the Catholic Church.

The story plot of a recent episode, “Sanctuary City: Part 2” revolves around a murder mystery of a boy found dead in a flower bed at St. Joseph’s, the local Catholic church.  Apparently, the boy went missing on a Catholic school field trip.

Father Jonas is a teacher at St. Joseph’s and had a close relationship with the boys. The main characters, the detectives, automatically find Father Jonas suspicious and spew many anti-Catholic slurs after they interrogate the priest.[1]

To give an idea of the anti-Catholic sentiment, here are some quotes from the show:

  • “Sounds like another one of the Church's tried-and-true tactics to cover up sexual abuse.”
  • “Well, he’s a priest. Of course he’s hiding something.”
  • “That freaky priest”
  • “That a**hole priest.”

Sadly, TNT is trying to distort the vision of the true Catholic Church with the fake and twisted version presented in their show, Major Crimes.

TNT needs to respect priests, not slander and degrade them.

The crimes of a few do not reflect the sacral nature of a priest’s vocation.


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I am offended by the anti-Catholic and anti-clerical insults of Major Crimes that TNT promotes.

The show is rife with disrespectful and demeaning content against the sacred priesthood, and does not deserve to be promoted.

I strongly and respectfully request that you cancel this show immediately.