Tell TBS to stop bashing our priests with “People of the Earth” August 29th, 2017

Dishonoring the priesthood, dishonors Our Lord Jesus, the first priest

It seems like the liberal, Catholic bashing media has declared open season on the Catholic priesthood.

Sadly, another show, TBS’s “People of the Earth” has an opening scene with a woman in the confessional seducing the priest.[1]

TBS Must Stop Attacking the Sacred Vocation of the Priesthood!

This is a mockery of the sacrament of confession and the priesthood

The woman, actress Tracee Chimo, tells the priest, “Forgive me, Father, for I have missed you.”

She continues to say she has been having impure thoughts and wanted to see him.

Finally, she suggests dinner and sadly, the priest, Father Doug, played by actor Oscar Nuñez, ends the scene with, “Ok, go – Go in – Go in peace, my child. Make reservations.”

Rather than reject the temptation and tell the woman to stop, the actor portrays the priest as unfaithful to his vow of celibacy.

Worst yet, another scene shows the priest and woman at a hotel register desk, likely to get a room together.

Suddenly, Father Doug is recognized by someone nearby, and lies (another sin) saying he is in town for a baptism.

When will the attacks on Christianity end? How many more terrible and immoral shows must come out before Catholics refuse to allow such attacks to be perpetrated against the sacred Priesthood?

Please sign the petition to protect and defend the sacred vocation and honor of our beloved priesthood


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To Jeff Beckes, CEO of Time Warner (Owner of TBS):

The show “People of Earth” contains an episode in which a priest is involved in an affair with a woman.

This is contrary to the state of the priesthood which demands celibacy. Rather than portray priests as unfaithful, you should do everything possible to portray them with the dignity and respect they are due.

I ask you to remove this show immediately.