Tell Showtime to Stop Mocking The Lord’s Prayer December 4th, 2017

Showtime mocks The Lord's Prayer while promoting immorality

It seems entertainment is becoming increasingly more degenerate and bold. Now, Showtime is airing an immoral series titled SMILF, that not only promotes sexual immorality and nudity, but blatantly mocks the prayer given to us personally by Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Our Father. [1]

Just the title of the show, SMILF, promotes a blatantly immoral theme, since it is an acronym for sexual actions with a single mother. [2]

Throughout the episodes, sexual encounters with fully nude scenes are common. This show represents a new moral low in programs.

But such scenes aren’t enough. Showtime insists upon going further by mocking Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord’s Prayer.

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The second episode of the show shows the main character, Bridget, at a recovery meeting that is just ending. The head of the group suggests that the meeting end with its normal prayer. As the group begins to pray the Our Father, Bridget perverts certain parts of the words of Jesus. She says, for example, “Our mother” instead of “Our Father Who art in heaven.”

At the end, she replaces the “Amen” with “a-woman.”

This mocking of prayer and respect due to God must stop!

Please sign this petition urging Showtime to stop insulting the Lord’s Prayer and promoting immorality.

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Johanna Fuentes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications:





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To Johanna Fuentes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications:

The series SMILF is a terrible attack on morality. It mocks Our Lord Jesus Christ by ridiculing the Lord’s Prayer.

The series promotes immoral lifestyles and blasphemy by mocking the Lord’s Prayer as seen in episode 2 called “1,800 Filet-o-Fishes & One Small Diet Coke.”

I ask that you apologize and cancel SMILF, which insults God and every God-fearing Christian.