Tell Paramount Pictures to pull blasphemous movie, Mother October 2nd, 2017

Is there no decency and respect for anything anymore?

The movie Mother, gives a sick, sinister and sadistic portrayal of God, the Virgin Mary, the Eucharist and other biblical themes.

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According reports:

   •  A husband, who is a poet, and his wife are meant to represent God and mother nature;

   •  The “God” figure allows his house to be invaded and destroyed by a man and woman who are meant to represent Adam and Eve;

   •  The “God” figure takes part in immoral acts with “mother earth”;

   •  The “mother earth” figure, now representing the virgin Mary, bears a son amid immorality and pandemonium and the “God” figure allows the child (a representation of Christ) to be passed among revelrous party-goers;

   •  “The baby is accidentally killed... [and] the mob [eats] him – a direct parallel to bread and wine becoming the body and blood of Christ [i.e. the Eucharist]”
The Telegraph

This only scratches the surface. The movie has countless other blasphemies, which deeply insult God's Goodness and Beauty.

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Offenses like this cry out to Heaven for justice. We cannot be silent while men attack God's dignity.

Therefore, I urge you to please sign our petition, urging Paramount Pictures to pull this blasphemous representation of God.


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I protest against your perverse and blasphemous representation of God in the movie Mother!

The film’s immoral and sinister portrayal of God, and other Christian themes, deeply offends God and countless Christians.

I urge you to pull this film at once.