Tell NBC: Stop This Sacrilegious Irreverence Towards the Priesthood in “Midnight Texas” October 17th, 2017

Hollywood continues to attack the prieshood in another vile movie

NBC Universal has recently produced and aired a horrible series called “Midnight, Texas.” The bizarre show is about a small town named Midnight, which consists of vampires, witches, spirits and demons.

One extremely disturbing opening scene begins with a man standing in front of a white cross mumbling about being a faithful servant until he rises.

An actor portraying a priest approaches the man asking if he can help him.

The man, who is actually a demon, says yes and turns toward the priest. The priest exclaims, “Oh, God.”

Hearing this, the demon states, “Wrong deity. Don't be afraid. Your death will not be in vain. Your sacrifice will give him life. The Gates of Hell will open and he will rise in Midnight.”[1]

The demon subsequently kills the priest, cuts off his face and puts it on himself.

Tell NBC: Stop This Sacrilegious Irreverence Towards the Priesthood!

A priest was portrayed as being sacrificed to the devil—this is a horrific sacrilege.

This is tremendously irreverent towards the priesthood.

Please sign this petition and have NBC cancel and apologize for this denigrating treatment towards priests.

Tell NBC We Don’t Want to See Sacrilege Normalized



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To: Stephen B. Burke, CEO of NBC Universal,

I vehemently protest your portrayal of a priest being sacrificed to the devil in the “Midnight, Texas” episode “Last Temptation of Midnight.”

This is irreverent and obscene and offensive to Catholics.

It tends to normalize the horrific acts of sacrilege and desensitize the gravity of such acts.

I ask you to take down the episode and apologize for the evil influence this has.