Tell McDonald’s to stick to selling burgers and stop promoting homosexuality July 3rd, 2017

Now your French-fries will be packaged in the symbol that promotes sodomy

Could you have imagined that your child would be exposed to an effort to promote the homosexual lifestyle when ordering French-fries?

McDonald’s is attempting to do just that!

The homosexual movement is not satisfied until everyone and everything bows to its agenda.

This month, June, McDonald’s is promoting, in select locations in San Francisco and Washington D.C., the homosexual agenda by making their large order of fries come with a rainbow printed on the back of the box, dubbed “Pride Fries.”[1]

Tell McDonald’s to stick to selling burgers and stop promoting homosexuality

In addition to this, the company’s franchises in the Washington D.C. area contribute heavily to the Capital Pride Alliance, a pro-homosexual group, which promotes the sin of sodomy.

I don’t know about you, but I feel accosted having to buy my French-fries and have the homosexual flag cradle my food.

The homosexual movement labeled June as Pride Month. This is offensive since June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus—not sodomy.

We must not allow the sin of sodomy to overthrow Our Lord’s month of June.

McDonald’s should stop promoting the sin of homosexuality and pull the rainbow “pride fries” now.

Tell McDonald’s to stick to selling French-fries and stop promoting homosexuality



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To: Mr Steve Easterbrook CEO of McDonalds

Your company’s promotion of “Pride Fries” further forces the homosexual agenda upon God-fearing Americans.

What do fries have to do with homosexuality? Rather than promote a sinful lifestyle, you should promote the virtue of chastity.

I ask you cancel the “Pride Fries” which is corrupting the moral fabric of this country.