Tell Hulu to Stop Mocking God With Vile Impurity October 30th, 2017

Hollywood continues to mock God with gross impurity

Read with caution: Graphic Content

The insults, offenses and mockery of God continue unabated. I fear for America if this continues unchallenged.

In a Hulu TV series, I Love You, America, Sarah Silverman arrogantly mocks God in a bedside “prayer” which revolves around the issue of masturbation. 

She begins the “prayer” like this, “Dear God I don’t believe in…”1

The voice of “God” then is heard saying, “Sarah, it really hurts my feelings when you say you don’t believe in me.”

She then goes on to vent saying how she is sorry for still not believing in God and that God is just something made up to, “stop us from furiously masturbating.”

Tell Hulu to Stop Mocking the Divine Purity of God

This is demonically impure! 

“God” then replies, “I love it when you masturbate, Sarah. That’s why I created it!” 

The voice then goes on saying how he watches all his creation commit this self-abusive act. 

This is beyond the pale; it’s utterly repulsive.

The clip ends with the voice saying, “Speaking of masturbation, gotta go!” A car sound then screeches in the background as if God were speeding off.

It is an absolutely warped concept of Our Divine Creator that HULU portrays; God receiving pleasure from watching His creatures commit vile, impure acts that offend Him.

Tell Hulu that this content is blasphemous, offensive and extremely inappropriate.



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To: Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu

The most impure dialogue between Sarah Silverman, in a recent episode of the series “I Love You, America” and a voice portraying God, is offensive and beyond vulgar.

The voice portraying God condones masturbation; an action, which is self-abusive, unnatural and impure.

God, Who is Purity Itself, is portrayed as receiving pleasure from watching his creatures commit such acts that are both offensive and repugnant to Him.

I ask that you remove this episode, which is extremely offensive to God and all God-fearing people.