Tell Fox to Cancel the Grotesque and Perverted American Horror Story: Cult December 11th, 2017

Somehow, 21st Century Fox suggests that an incestual,
homosexual relationship will produce a “messiah.”

This email contains very graphic and disagreeable content.

FX, a TV channel owned by 21st Century Fox has recently aired a bizarre, gross and blasphemous show American Horror Story: Cult. A recent episode “Winter of Our Discontent” is proof.

The episode features an incestual threesome, where a brother, sister and another man, a homosexual, engage in sexual acts so that, to quote the show, “from the blood we share, a savior will arise to carry on our mission.” The brother tells his sister, “You…will be the mother of our messiah baby. [1]

During the Christmas Season, 21st Century Fox airs an incestual, homosexual relationship suggesting it will produce a “messiah.”

Does it get any lower than this?

Tell Fox to Cancel the Grotesque and Perverted American Horror Story: Cult

This type of content should not be allowed on air. Period. It is absolutely inappropriate for anyone.

Rather than promote blasphemy, impurity and unnatural acts, 21st Century Fox should encourage purity and chastity.

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To: James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox

I vehemently protest the gross and perverted TV show, American Horror Story: Cult for its absolutely inappropriate content.

The episode “Winter of Our Discontents” openly promotes incest and is blasphemous in suggesting the incestuous relationship will bring about a “messiah.”

I strongly ask that you cancel the show immediately.