Tell Etsy to stop selling blasphemous Christmas Cards December 26th, 2017

Etsy seems to think it's alright to sell Chistmas cards that show
Our Lord Jesus and St. Nicholas as homosexuals in bed

Christmas is the season where all celebrate the coming of Christ, Our Judge and Savior to this earth. It is a time of reflection and joy as we give thanks for that holy day. Commonly, people will write special Christmas cards to loved ones or friends wishing them a Blessed Christmas, tidings of joy and a Happy New Year.

Sadly,, an online crafts store, is hosting a vendor, PitchDarkArt, which has a blasphemous and downright sickening “Christmas” card for sale.[1]

It really pains me to relate this to you during this season of joy, but I just couldn’t let Our Lord Jesus Christ be offended during the season of His Birth.

Our Lord and St. Nicholas were not homosexuals!

The title of the card for sale is “Santa's Night Off Anti-Christmas Card - Naughty Bad Santa Alternative Christmas Card Jesus.” The front of the card shows Our Lord, with the Stigmata on His Hand and the Crown of Thorns on His Head, in bed naked with Santa Claus! Santa is lying there with a cigarette in his hand clearly suggesting homosexual activity between the two.

This is a lie and a grave suggestion that Our Lord Jesus Christ had anything at all to do with homosexuality!

Tell Etsy to Stop Offending Our Lord!

Please console Our Lord during this holy time of year and tell Etsy to stop selling these offensive cards.

May the Child Jesus, Saint Joseph, and His Holy Mother bless you and your family, bringing you peace and joy during this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas,






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To: Etsy

I am appalled and offended by the outrageous Santa’s Night Off Anti-Christmas Card sold on your website by PitchDarkArt.

It is offensive to Christians and most of all, to Our Lord, who is most pure.

I ask that you take down this product immediately.