Tell East Lansing Farmer’s Market to stop persecuting Country Mills Farms for their Christianity June 20th, 2017

This farmer's market has now become the thought police.

There’s a persecution going on in America, and it’s attacking those who hold true to traditional moral values. 

After seven years of grueling hard word to establish a base for his family business, Catholic farmer Stephen Tennes’ Country Mills Farms has been prohibited from continuing to offer its produce at the farmer’s market in East Lansing Michigan.  

The reason—his views on marriage. We can no longer have an opinion that conflicts with the homosexual agenda without facing vicious and unjust persecution.

Is the farmer’s market now the thought police?

Tell Mr. Tennes and his family to stay strong and fight this unjust persecution

Mr. Tennes believes that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. He has stated such on the Country Mill’s Facebook page. Mr. Tennes has also added that he refuses to hold same-sex ceremonies on his property, and he has the right to do so.

East Lansing City Manager George Lahanas stated that the reason for the denial of a permit was based on the city’s civil rights ordinance that protects against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in all business practices. 

He stated, “When they applied, we decided to exclude them from the market based on that.”

So a person’s belief of what gender it is, now trumps biological reality and thousands of years of Church teaching.

Although the city of East Lansing is excluding Mr. Tennes because of his moral values, he’s not backing down.

The Catholic father of five assured everyone that he and his business will “work toward righting this wrong and returning to our customers at the East Lansing Farmer’s Market."

Show your support for Mr. Tennes and his family. Encourage him to stay strong!

Tell the East Lansing Farmer’s Market to allow Country Mill Farms back, now!


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To: Mr. Tennes (Owner of Country Mills Farms)

Please stay strong in your convictions that marriage is the sacred bond between one man and one woman.

We cannot cave to the persecution by the homosexual agenda.

As Saint Paul states in his first epistle to the Corinthians, “Be ye steadfast and unmovable; always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”


To: East Lansing Farmer’s Market

I am indignant at that news that Mr. Tennes and his business, Country Mills Farms, will not be allowed to have a permit to participate your farmer’s market due to his traditional views of marriage.

This is an outright religious persecution.

I ask that you allow Mr. Tennes and his business back into the market and cease to discriminate his moral values.