Tell Dove to pull transgender ad, Baby Dove, that promotes a false idea of the family May 8th, 2017

If you thought you would be able buy baby products without encountering the homosexual agenda, think again.

Now, not even baby products are free from the homosexual agenda

As reported by, Dove, a personal care brand, released an ad titled, “Baby Dove | #RealMoms.”

The ad features a man named Shea, pretending to be a woman along side his female LGBT partner, stating in a deep man’s voice, “We are both his biological parents…Yep, were both going to be moms.”

This is insane! Dove is pushing the transgender agenda by advertising that a man can be a mother? This is biologically impossible no matter how vivid your imagination might be.

Tell Dove to Pull the Advertisement Promoting Transgenderism!

The description of the video on the Youtube channel of Dove US reads, “Meet #RealMoms” whose diverse parenting styles shatter stereotypes about motherhood and prove that there are no rules about how to be a parent today.”

No rules? What happened to the rules of the biological order that God created?

This is an insult to all wholesome mothers who know full well that giving birth to, and being a real mother, is something only a biological woman can do. While a father is capable of rendering great affection and tender care to a child, he is still a father; not a mother.

Rather than Dove spreading wholesome inspiration for new mothers, real females, to raise virtuous children within a traditional marriage, Dove is promoting a sinful ideology and lifestyle that is based on mere illusions—transgenderism. 

This is one more attack on the institution of the family and a serious distortion about the truth of what real parents are.

Tell Dove to stick to making soap and stop promoting the transgender fantasy

Only a woman can be a mother. We cannot allow the transgender movement to destroy the notion of male and female and thus destroy the family.

Dove’s Baby Dove ad is warping the true definition of the family and should be pulled immediately.


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To Dove (Unilever):

Your recent ad ““Baby Dove | #RealMoms” is offensive and insulting to all mothers by featuring a man dressed as a woman, saying that he is going to be a “mother”.

This ad constitutes a profound attack against the institution of the family and promotes false ideas.

I strongly ask you pull this video with its false narrative immediately.