Tell Disney to stop pushing the homosexual agenda to our innocent children with “Doc McStuffins” August 8th, 2017

Disney promotes same-sex "marriage" to our pre-schoolers

Little preschoolers are being targeted by the homosexual agenda in a recent episode of “Doc McStuffins”, a Disney Junior show.

According to OneMillionMoms, the cartoon was found to be a clean show until August 5th when an episode featured “a family with two moms”1 The show depicted a doll family of two females and two children. A mother and child get separated from the other two and end up uniting with one big family hug.

Did I mention that the show’s creator and executive producer, Chris Nee is an open lesbian?

In an interview with, a lesbian oriented website, Chris Nee was asked since the show was for kids and there won’t be homosexual storylines, would she instill subtle messages about acceptance and how people are different.

She stated, “Definitely… I want to create characters who are incredibly accepting of each other and whatever is happening in their life.”

Tell Disney to Stop Promoting Unnatural Vice to Preschoolers!

We must not allow the normalization of the sin of homosexuality.

You see how deceptive the homosexual agenda is in trying to subtly influence our youngest through seemingly innocent shows!

Show Disney that you care for your children’s innocence.

Send your peaceful protest now.

Send your own message, be polite but be firm.
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To Robert Iger, CEO of Disney:

For the sake of the innocence of our children, I ask you stop promoting the unnatural vice of homosexuality in the show “Doc McStuffins.”

The show targets preschoolers and features a doll family with two mothers. This clearly promotes the acceptance of same-sex “marriage.”

I ask you to remove the video and stick with family-friendly content.