Tell Disney to Stop promoting unnatural vice to young children! November 6th, 2017

Walt Disney would turn over in his grave if he knew this

There seems to be no such thing as clean and innocent entertainment for children these days. Disney is beginning to introduce horrible and inappropriate sexual themes into their shows aimed specifically at young adolescents. 

On Oct. 27, Disney aired a show “Andi Mack” in which the network introduced the first homosexual character.  The hour long segment spent an hour focusing on one of the main characters, 13 year old Cyprus,  who opens up about his feelings for another boy while having just got a new girlfriend.[1]

Same-sex attraction is an unnatural attraction which should be countered with virtue so it does not lead to unnatural sin. Rather than promote acting upon and accepting same-sex attractions, Disney should promote chastity and purity to our youth.

Urge Disney to Stop Promoting Homosexual Agenda to Young Children!

Disney is pushing the homosexual agenda on countless young children by airing such malicious content!

Pro-homosexual news commentators have praised the series as “doing a great job with gay storyline” and “going where the Disney Channel had not gone before.”[2]

We need to protect the innocence and purity of our young. We need to stop the influence of vice and sin and urge the promotion of purity and virtue.

Tell Disney to promote purity rather than unnatural attractions and vice.

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To: Robert Iger, CEO of Disney

I urge that you stop promoting the unnatural inclinations of same-sex attractions, which you promoted in your recent second season premiere of ”Andi Mack.”

Rather than promote an unnatural attraction, which can lead to unnatural actions and sins, you should promote the virtues of purity and chastity.

I ask you think of the innocence of our youth, which is the age targeted audience your show is directed toward.