Tell California Costumes to Stop Mocking the Holy Father With the Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume November 20th, 2017

Is a dog the same as our Pope?

As Catholics, we must absolutely show the utmost respect and reverence towards to Papacy. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ on this earth, and by his office, reverence is obliged.

Sadly, an online costume seller, California Costumes, is selling an extremely irreverent costume that mocks the Papacy, the Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume.[1]

Their description proved that this costume was more than a joke, but a mockery, “Holy Heavens! This little pup is worth every amount of attention.”

Clearly, they understand the high position of the Papacy.

Tell California Costumes to Pull Holy Hound Costume from Sale!

The photo example of the costume portrays the Pectoral Cross as a cross made from dog bones. Also, the stole has dog footprints on the ends of each side.

This is a mockery of the Papacy. As Catholics, this is offensive and must stop.

Let us stand up for the Papacy and show the honor and respect due.

Please feel free to contact California Costumes and voice your complaint.

Be polite, but firm.

California Costumes Telephone: (323) 262-8383




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To: Tak Kwan Woo, CEO of California Costumes

As a Catholic, I find your costume Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume offensive and a mockery towards the Papacy.

As Vicar of Christ, the Pope’s office obliges respect and reverence.

I strongly ask that you take down the irreverent costume from your store.