Tell AMC to End the Blasphemy Against Jesus and Apologize September 5th, 2017

AMC’s series “Preacher” is vile, disgusting and blasphemous!

This TV show mocks and insults Our Lord Jesus Christ by portraying Him in an extremely graphic sex scene before the arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The scene is almost indescribable. Moans, screaming and immoral actions are silhouetted while the woman tells “Jesus” that her “husband will not be home for days.”[1]

Finally, while leaving, “Jesus” says he is a virgin and hints at the Last Supper and Crucifixion. Trying to sneak out, he is caught by the apostles and lies to them about what he is doing.

Tell AMC to End the Blasphemy and Apologize!

Free speech and freedom of expression do not give one the right to lie; especially about Our Divine Lord and Savior.

The life of Our Lord Jesus Christ is perfectly spotless. So why these hateful films that smear His Divine reputation with filth?

This is sacrilegious and offensive to God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is pure and always a virgin.

He, is the King of Virgins!

We cannot allow this crime to be perpetrated. Our Lord was sinless and died for mankind’s sins and He suffered the scourging to atone for our sins of the flesh.

This blasphemy is insulting to every Christian who truly loves Our Lord.

Please sign the petition demanding that AMC apologize now and stop showing these lies




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To: Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC Networks

Your show “Preacher” features a scene that is UNTRUE, vile and insulting to Our Lord Jesus Christ and all Christians worldwide.

The scene depicts a sex scene that is indescribably gross. It is a false portrayal of Our Lord since in reality He was pure and always a virgin.

I ask you cancel the show and apologize for the offensive and graphic scene immediately.