Tell ABC that Unborn Children are NOT Parasites! November 14th, 2017

Does this look like a parasite to you?

As we approach the 2018 March for Life, let us bear in mind who is being unjustly attacked by the "pro-choice," pro-death movement and do everything we can to be strong voice for the innocent and voiceless.

In a recent television episode of ABC’s American Housewife one of the main characters, Doris, played by Ali Wong, unabashedly refers to the human child in her womb as a parasite sucking the nutrients out of [her] body.[1]

Horrendous! Dehumanizing!

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The scene opens with three women eating at a restaurant. One woman mentions she just got lice, but combed it all out of her hair. Another woman at the table rebukes her for hugging everyone with her lice. Out of nowhere, the character Doris says, “I’m three months pregnant.”

Everyone looks in astonishment.

When asked how she felt, she responded, “P*ssed! P*ssed that I’m about to have my fourth child!” She continues elaborating how she couldn’t wait till her youngest would be heading off to college at Princeton in eight years and then she would be free to travel off to Majorca to find a villa and maybe a lover.

It is absurd that ABC permits such base and dehumanizing content under the pretext of comedy. Even more absurd is to rank American Housewife under family comedy.[2]

Please, be a voice for the innocent unborn and sign this petition to ABC to defend their honor and dignity and let ABC know this is not family content.

Send your own message, be polite but firm.

ABC Entertainment’s Customer Service: 1 (800) 230-0229




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To: Channing Dungey, entertainment president of ABC,

The recent episode of American Housewife, “The Lice Storm,” is offensive and dehumanizing. In the episode, one of the main characters refers to the baby in her womb as a parasite sucking her nutrients.

This is degrading to all unborn children.

Please remove the episode, stop referring to unborn babies in such a dehumanizing and degrading way, and support clean family entertainment.