Tell TNT to cancel the show Claws that attacks Catholic morality May 30th, 2017

Immorality and blasphemy inundate television today...

Protect the innocence of our children from this immoral show.

…and it’s getting worse.

There is a new show on the TNT Network called Claws that extremely has graphic sexual material and insults the Rosary and the Catholic priesthood.

Cancel Claws. Sign Now!

Claws is a so-called “comedy-drama” revolving around a nail salon that is engaged in the drug money laundering business.

It may have drama, but showing immorality and insulting Catholicism is not comedy.

That’s not all. 

According to One Million Moms the show Claws graphically depicts:

•    Prostitution being discussed around Girl Scouts
•    Raw sex
•    Domestic violence
•    Nail salon owner’s husband, who wears a rosary and owns a strip club
•    Strippers in front of priest
•    Nudity
•    Homosexual and lesbian oral sex 

This depraved content should not be allowed, especially since young innocent children could easily be exposed to this degrading immorality on TV. 

Tell TNT to stop this filth and cancel claws.

With your signature, we can stop this rotten content from becoming mainstream.


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I am offended by the immorality and the anti-Catholic insults of Claws.

Is this something you would like your children to watch?

The show is rife with inappropriate content, which should not be promoted.

I strongly ask you immediately cancel this show.